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Recovery & Thrive News
News to help you escape your trauma.


My focus is primarily on cultivating hope and inspiration in individuals, families, and communities around the world, who are inflicted by trauma and tribulations. My editorial is to help folks find a way out of their trauma and tribulations by providing original or curated content that both speaks on and demonstrates solutions, options, and success stories. 

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Everyone has a story, some with more ups and others with more downs. One thing is consistent though: everyone is in this boat called life. We can't really appreciate our differences nor see our similarities if not exposed to them. This is especially important to those with trauma and tribulations because we tend to loose ourselves in our darkness and forget we need to connect with others, and that we're social creatures. 

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The Trauma Community

The Trauma Community consists of those who are in recovery, those who have recovered, and those who haven't started their recovery journey. Wherever you are at in your journey, we're a community who shares resources, success stories, hope, and more.

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Sports & Entertainment

Sports and entertainment is a good distraction from everyday trauma and tribulations. 

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Service Dogs

Many folks don't know federal, state, and town laws of having a service animals. Many folks just have misconceptions about service animals in general. This is where we come in. We'll inform you all about service animals, opportunities, laws, etc. I go through alot of folk's misconceptions and daily issues finding the best solutions to common problems to life's simplest of head scratchers to having a service dog. With the information provided under this topic I hope all will be useful to you.

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Survival Arts

When you go though trauma and tribulations you feel vulnerable and detached from society and reality beacuse you don't feel safe or know you're safe. My proposal is learn how to survive in many situations, so you can feel safer and know you're safer. that's where this topic could help. We explore many ways to survive in many situations.

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Columns & journal Prompts

Columns and journal prompts are columns of mine. Journal prompts are prompts I set for my community, to help folks explore their trauma and tribulations so they can find so solutions and answers to their trauma and tribulations. 

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Arts & Humanities 

Arts & Humanities are a great stress relief and distraction. It's a creative outlet folks can utilize as a safe haven where there may be none. I also chose this topic because many folks may not have enough inspirational outlets. Think of all the folks who aren't aware of inspiration around them but might be the next great artist of their time. Something as simple as exposure to the Arts & Humanities could make all the difference in someone's life,  especially if they struggling with trauma and tribulations.

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Family & Community

Family and community means different things to different people but people with trauma and tribulations, its difficult to even imagine what family and community looks like. It's even harder to imagine being apart of a family or community, no less. So my thought process is perhaps exposure to different kinds of families and communities will help folks recognize what they want in a family and a community, leading them to realize it's possible to obtain and cultivate.

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The Autistic Community

In the autistic community, trauma and tribulations is at an all time high because we're very susceptible to it. So this community is similar to the trauma community but with a focus on Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). So if you or someone you know has ASD, this might be good opportunity for you.

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This topic hits pretty hard for me. After learning some folks who go through trauma and tribulations are victims of financial abuse, I made it a point to have this topic to help folks recognize; financial abuse, educate themselves in finances and better financial decision making, financial opportunities, and financial freedom. 

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Health & Lifestyle

When you're going through trauma and tribulations, it's easy to neglect your health and personal lifestyle. This topic is an honest attempt to resolving that with our help. We explore healthier ways of living and better lifestyle changes and decision making. We also find helpful resources and opportunities that may interest you. 

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Featured Articles

Feature articles are articles by both me and our community. They are original articles that our community may have an interest in and may be helpful to our community. 

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