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My Name is Alantis, not Atlantis.

Updated: Apr 22, 2023

Do you know who I'm named after? Have you ever heard of The Lost Angel, the angel sent to protect Atlantis The Lost City Of Happiness? Most folks simply know the city as The Lost City though.

His name is Alantis (Ah-Lawn-tees). I'm not named after The Lost City of Happiness but rather the lost Angel. One of God's angels who was tasked with protecting Atlantis.

The story of Alantis is that he's the Angel of Guidance, the guy who went out his way to help others by guiding them to their personal happiness, which could be found in Atlantis The Lost City Of Happiness.

One day the people of Atlantis needed Alantis but he wasn't able to save them. The city sunk to the bottom of the ocean, killing everyone but the people Alantis could save.

Alantis hid after failing to save and protect his own heart after saving countless others. Alantis' heart broke - robing him of his strength and power to help others, so he hid. In hopes time could mend his broken heart in hopes to help others again but unfortunately he has been gone so long no one can find him; thus earning him the name The Lost Angel. 

I may not be an angel or even an angel to anyone but I, Alantis, take the name and story of Alantis very seriously; even when others confuse me with Atlantis the Lost City of Happiness. Ironically, both names are in fact Atlantien in origin and very close sounding. So I understand the confusion.

My late mother Gloria Ann Perkins who named me, seemed to just know i would care alot for others but also that i would get hurt alot for others, before i was even born. I often still wonder how she could possibly just know me before i was even born.

I really would like to know did she see the future, traveled to the future, met some outter-worldly space person who time traveled to her, is it a motherly thing, or just coincidence?

I never got around to asking her these secrets to the universe before she died but I'm grateful. I'm grateful she knew me and helped me find my mission and my passion of helping folks find happiness.

It's funny though, I was named Alantis because my mom got the idea from an Atlas. A book that has maps and chats in it. But that's my name, Alantis, not Atlantis. My mom also got the idea from my sister who was a child then, Demitra, who had a Duck Tales book about finding Atlantis The Lost City Of The Sea. Demitra didn't the the T then so she suggested Alantis instead of Atlantis.

Yeah, my name was engineered.

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