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Liberty Moon was founded in April of 2021 by the owner, Alantis Perkins. Investors include but not limited to; Alantis Perkins.We have offices in Massachusetts USA. We are a company of 2 members. Alantis Perkins handles all aspects of the blog, Cindy Austin helps with office management.Liberty Moon is a blog that specializes in lifestyle and self-improvement news related to adversity and mental health. Liberty Moon is for all ages in all communities around the world. So whether you yourself is going through it or someone you know, hope and resources are out there. It's easy to be hopeless but it's work to be hopeful and is work best done together.In the first week of startup, we stared with our news blog but in 2022 we've expanded to include in our focus, an online store that sells graphic art and graphic fashion. we are in talks with folks from Brazil, Japan, Canada, and Wales, who all are interested in partnerships to sell our art and fashion; we have investors; offices; a website and store front; the clothing; We plan for growth and success beyond these milestones. 

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