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We try to spotlight our community members, investors, sponsors, etc. it's our way of saying thank you or just showing appreciation.

Community Spotlight: The Team


The Vampire Lord

Associate Gamer

My name is Izzure and I am a rising twitch streamer with a focus on Gaming and Just Chatting trying to bring new content on twitch to viewers as well as streamers. I am also the founder and leader of the gaming community Phoenix SG.


come check out my twitch channel


come check out my zazzle store


come check out my Ko-fi



Owner & Producer Of

Violet_Sapphire Productions & TV

Violet is a streamer and currently streams on Twitch.

There are lots of gaming adventures there, pixel art and bead art streams and lots of chat, so come check it out.

She started in 2020, there have been many marathons, horror games, games with the crowd, games that "I pretended I finished and others lol that I still want to finish".

Business Email:

serious inquiries only.

Twitch Channel:

Donations and tips:



owner and founder of Hustle Revival™

Patrick Garcia is a Life Coach, advocate, inspirational speaker, business entrepreneur, and member of the 10x program. Patrick is also the owner and founder of Hustle Revival.

to see more of what Patrick is building click here. To keep up with Patrick on social media click here.



Callie Goode is a lifestyle entrepreneur, author, and podcaster

Callie Goode, Lifestyle Entrepreneur

Certified Mental Health & Addiction Life Coach 


Showing you you're the entrepreneur of your life.


The Lifestyle entrepreneur, Callie Goode, is a Certified Mental Health & Addiction Life Coach who wants to help those with trauma in their hearts. Callie works with you through multiple mediums, to help you find ways to live your best life, by helping you find a lifestyle that works for you. A lifestyle that overcomes your trauma, showing you you're the entrepreneur of your life.


"Hope, hugs, and happiness. I'm a life coach, an author, entrepreneur, and Podcaster, who wants to help folks calm their trauma." - Callie



Checkout Callie's podcast


Hope, hugs, and happiness.


She's currently working on two series within her podcast, both are about folks who overcome their struggles and reach new heights in their lives. Whether it's business, life, or mental health. She really does seek to help folks overcome trauma and find their lifestyle that works for them.



to keep up with Callie visit her social media.

Instagram - click here

Hopes, Hugs, and Happiness podcast - Click here

Differently In Motion podcast - Click here

Twitter - Click here

tiktok - click here

linkedin - Click here

Callie Goode's coaching referral code

PFBN Lifetime Membership


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Community Spotlight: Text

Omainha TV™

Omainha is a streamer on Twitch.

He's a struggling streamer who is trying to pay his bills and live his dream of streaming at the same time. His passions are playing volleyball, video games, comic books, and connecting with others. His dream is to both be privileged enough to pay his bills by streaming and being able to help others with his streaming and influencer platform.



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