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My name is Alantis and I have type 2 developmental trauma, or in my case: Dissociative Identity Disorder, CPTSD, Schizotypal Personality Disorder, and Autism. I'm currently located in Weymouth, MA. I started my company as a blog but it grew into an online community mental health education center blog in the early spring of 2021. I am studying to become a Mental Health Educator, as I am passionate about trauma and mental health recovery and stability.


I really like working with journalists from around the world. My efforts to give hope through mental health peer education doesn't stop at the borders of the internet. I want to share compelling, unique stories. If you’re a member of the media and would like to talk, please get in touch with me, send an email to

Please add in the subject's header, media inquiry. Note only media inquiries from media relations will receive a response to media related requests.

Visit the; Liberty Moon press kit page on our website to view recent media/press releases and archives for past media and other useful resources.




Company Information

Liberty Moon was founded in April of 2021 by the owner, Alantis Perkins.

Investors include but not limited to; Alantis Perkins.


We  are currently 3 members. Alantis Perkins is the President/CEO & Founder, Cindy Austin helps with office management, and Joe McKenzie is the Senior IT Advisor.


Liberty Moon is an online community mental health education center that specializes in mental health peer education. Liberty Moon is for all ages in all communities around the world. So whether you yourself is going through it or someone you know, hope and resources are out there. It's easy to be hopeless but it's work to be hopeful and is work best done together.


Our Traction:

In the first week of startup, we started with our news blog but in 2022 we've expanded to include in our focus, an online store that sells graphic art and graphic fashion, and scaling to an online community mental health education center.

1. Art piece "Hope" by Alantis Perkins got us featured at the Massachusetts State House and was given an invite to the U.S White House during the Obama administration when I was still coming up with Liberty Moon. 


2. I was featured on ABC News May 2023


3. I'm also putting together a demonstration event. I will teach folks how to develop their own treatment plans so they can better communicate their needs and be more actively involved in their own treatment planning experience. 


4. I'm also setting up my original Trauma Slam™ where folks join a safe community to work through their trauma though creative means while inspiring others to do the same. 


5. Currently I'm working with an amazing business & marketing consultant Rose and separate marketing firm owned by its CEO Jonathan to build a better Liberty Moon which can better serve communities. They are both helping me further develop Liberty Moon. Jonathan and his agency reached out to me and they really believe in Liberty Moon, and are helping probono until funding comes in. 


We plan for growth and success beyond these milestones.



News Statement

My name is Alantis and I'm on a journey to strong trauma recovery and stability. On my journey I curate and blog about mental illness and my experiences with it.

Currently I'm working on becoming a Mental Health Educator. I've already earned one certification this far and I'm working on the remainder certifications. The Wolfpack and I are using this platform for community activism.

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