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     Tarot Consultancy

     Experience Your True Destiny!

I'm Dani Raposa. I'm a tarot writer & consultant focused on therapeutic and intuitive tarot readings, that could help you navigate your life and struggles on your spiritual journey. 

Services Include

tarot readings and consulting

tarot readings and consulting prices[usd] : 

- One question  $5

- two questions $12

- three questions $15

- four questions $25

an hour of conversation for $50  where you ask as many questions as you can in an hour session. 

Longterm tarot advisement subscription

Longterm tarot advisement subscription[usd]:

$70 a month or $200 a year

- ask 5 questions in a 30 minute daily session

- Ask as many questions as you can in a weekly 45 minute session

- receive daily tarotscopes custom tailored to you

- receive a 25% discount on all art commissions

- receive a 15% discount on all Raposa store items

- priority tarot readings

column and blog writing

Column and Blog writing prices[usd]:

- $40 to start project, per project

- $0.50 per word

- $10 for per paper and ink

- $5 to $25 per hour, depending on complexity of the project

- $100 retainer fee for multiple projects or long-term projects

- $12 per format (eg. white paper, typed, email, social media post, column, blog post, email, news article, etc.)

- you pay for postage and mailing

- for more complex works or to inquire about current packages, email me for custom quotes and package deals. 

art commissions

Art commissions prices[usd]:

- $50 to start, per commission

- $12 per hour of work

- $10 per original concepts

- $20 to $50 for full grayscale and color/mixed media and characters and foreground/background

- $60 for full body art

- $5 per subject/character

- $20 to $100 per tattoo design

- $5 per emotes, $12 per animated emotes

- $25 to $50 per banner and or logo and other branding

- $20 to $40 per panel/cover art

- $5 per copy

- $0.50 per square inch of paper/canvas

- you pay for frames

- you pay for shipping/delivery including shipping materials

- for more complex works like murals, or to inquire about current packages, email me for custom quotes and package deals. 

Dani Raposa

Tarot Writer & Consultant


Disclaimer: I am not a licensed mental health professional. 

I'm affectionately known as the raposa bruxa. I'm a Brazilian native who can communicate in English and Portuguese. My job is to guide you on your journey of self-knowledge, and my purpose is to evolve you.


I do not know palmistry (Ler Mão), I just learned the story about it. and I don't do horoscopes, because I'm not an astrologer, but i do provide tarotscopes and tarot forecasts. I do Therapeutic Tarot, in what I say I end up focusing a lot on psychology, the study of the mind. and I seek to understand how the mechanism of the universe works. My magical system is Chaos Magic, a little more recent, it is a metasystem that uses other systems.


My passions are psychology, magic, and spirituality which together provides your ultimate tarot experience.

Catch my livestreams Friday afternoons at 4pm EDT time, where I stream for an hour providing tarot readings, tarotscopes, and tarot forecasts to the audience. My tarot column is in the Liberty Moon newspaper located on I also blog from time to time on the Liberty Moon blog. And my art works are located on the Liberty Moon store. Below are my social media links. You'll also find me chatting about how it is to be a single mom in Brazil from time to time.


Business Email:

Serious Inquires only.


Daniele Raposa (@_raposanegra_) • Instagram [Click Here]

come check out my redbubble Store


DanieleRaposa art portfolio| DeviantArt [Click Here]


Buy Daniele Raposa a Coffee. - Ko-fi ❤️ Where creators get donations from fans, with a 'Buy Me a Coffee' Page. [Click Here] or hire Dani for a commission.

"I'm a single mom from Brazil, trying to make ends meet with my passions and to inspire my son to always follow his dreams because 'success is where your dreams are'." - Dani Raposa

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