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My wikipedia profile page Vist my wikipedia profile page and see what is up too. Something belowI wrote for curious folks I was in conversation with. I thought you would like to see it too so I copy pasted them below. I hope this spreads awareness. "The common idea on Dissociative Identity Disorder only arises due to childhood trauma isn't actually accurate. It does commonly arises due to childhood trauma but not exclusively. It can arise from many reasons but not as common as childhood trauma. It can in fact arise in adolescence or adulthood but the older you are the more difficult it is to happen and more likely you'll develop cptsd and or bpd and or Schizotypal. It's still largely not quite clear why the brain processes trauma into Dissociative Disorders, trauma disorders, and personality disorders but it's claimed that the more fragile the mind the more likely you'll develop DID, which is why childhood trauma is more common in developing DID. below is the comment I shared on a YouTube channel that was curious on the same thing. "I have been diagnosed with Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID), Complex PTSD, and Schizotypal Disorder, and I might possibly also have BPD. DID is strongly associated with interpersonal and environmental trauma. It's not exclusively caused by interpersonal and environmental trauma. It can be caused by things like; Temporal Lobe Epilepsy, Aracnoid Cysts, a Traumatic Brain Injury, Brain Cancer, PTSD/CPTSD, etc. DID is a Dissociative Disorder not a trauma disorder. In the DSM and ICD it's classed as a Dissociative Disorder and it doesn't have trauma as a key feature for diagnosis, nor does DID have to come from childhood; meaning it's not exclusively a developmental disturbance, either. And yes, one alter can have type 2 diabetes, while another has a need for glasses but the host has no ailments, for example. Eye color can even change from alter to alter, too, (mostly shade of color) as another example. Alters can have their own mental health ailments or their versions of mental health ailments, as another example. Yes, it's also very possible for 2 or more alters to co-host or "take the light at the same time". Rapidly switching happens more for some than others. Movies like Split and My Soul To Take are just a horror perspective of DID. They took alot of liberties to entertain you but took almost no responsibility in educating you on DID. Hollywood does that pretty often, not their fault though (although, i wish they were more responsible because those in the mental health community are left to pickup the pieces, each time). It should be rule of thumb to go to online mental health communities to understand mental health disorders in general. Also to understand Hollywood just wants to entertain you not educate you. my understanding, and the reality of current science, no, you can not climb walls like a lizard like in the movies Split or Glass. But shows like Moon Knight and United States Of Tara did a really good job of educating audiences of DID while entertaining us. A really good representation of DID in media, in my opinion, is A&Es Many Sides Of Jane. If Cinema Therapy is able to do episodes on United States Of Tara, My Soul To Take, Drop Dead Fred, and Many Sides Of Jane - that would be awesome. Epic even. If anyone is interested check out these medical links on DID they talk about what I explained. The only difference is doctors are saying it, too. Also, I'm a Mental Health Blogger working on becoming a Certified Mental Health Educator. What I do is blog about different mental illnesses and resources that can help. Alantis Perkins A.K.A Wolf Mental Health Blogger My Website Address; Some Links: "

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