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About Us:


We blog lifestyle & self-improvement news mostly related to mental health adversity, Developmental Trauma, and our experiences with it. So whether you yourself is going through it or someone you know, hope and resources are out there. It's easy to be hopeless but it's work to be hopeful and is work best done together.


We need to help folks explore ways to deal with mental health adversity. We want to share both hope, and helpful resources we create and curate for others also struggling with their trauma.


Perhaps reading our journal, you can find your way on your freedom journey to strong mental health recovery and stability, too, for any reason meaningful to you. Even if you don't have developmental trauma or know someone with it. The hope is to help others escape their trauma.


Liberty Moon wants to be your own personal 'drinking gourd' to freedom, freedom from trauma. If you are looking to escape a traumatic environment, a traumatic relationship, or just escape your own nightmares, we want to help you do that through our community and peer support journal we blog in. We want to blog something helpful to you.

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