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Pack Rules

Image by Chris Ensminger

My Pack Rules:
1. Be kind and supportive of others, including those not yet a part of our lycan community. All are welcome in our pack, lycan or not. This also means no bigotry or toxicity of any kind.

2. Manners go a long way. Banter is tolerated but attacks and rudeness are not.

3. Be respectful. No foul play which includes; unsolicited self-promotion, harassment, drama of any kind, bullying, spamming, instigating or escalating, witch hunts, inappropriate attention seeking, political or religious or other controversial topics, or posting in the wrong channels.

4. Use common sense. Ask for help if you don't know. For example, no NSFW content because there may be children here or those easily offended.

Important Notes:
*I remain judge, jury, and prosecutor when deciding to timeout, ban, or undo a decision; especially to your dismay. You most definitely welcome to plead your case to me, moderators, and or the community in hopes it helps.

*people shouldn't post server invites in the main channels but instead post them in the Wolf den community hub instead. That way they're all in one place, not getting scrolled away by chat messages, and moderators can check out communities and delete invites for ones that don't fit our pack rules and guidelines.

*Failure to follow the pack rules will get you timed out for extended periods of time. Repeated failures to follow pack rules or for offenses that are enough to warrant permanent bans will in turn have you banned from all other social media related to Liberty Moon. We're pretty chill so please be mindful of all and any warnings and requests to behave appropriately.

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