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Do you want to blog with us?


We are looking for guest bloggers and resident bloggers who can blog in their free time or more often. Our audience are seeking posts that are mental health and peer support related. But don't be afraid to blog outside the box where you create unique mental health related content. Income opportunities may be available, especially for resident bloggers. Contact us at with with all your questions for more details or use the form on this page.

Want to invest or donate?

If you or folks you know wanted to invest you don't have to be rich, you can be a micro-investor where you invest small amounts of money for a modest return. All forms of investments and investors will be appreciated. Liberty Moon takes under $600 a month to operate. Multiple investors chip in, investing isn't on all  one person. But please be mindful - only serious inquiries only.


If you're not comfortable or not able to invest there are other ways to support Liberty Moon. Alternatively or additionally, you could donate using either the PayPal link or Ko-Fi link or link below. Or you could purchase items from the Liberty Moon store at the link below. Word of mouth advertising helps us a lot to, so please tell everyone you can and when you can about us.

If you would like to invest, especially micro-investments, please email me at or use the form on this page. But please be mindful - only serious inquiries only.


PayPal Donation:




Liberty Moon store:

Advertise With Liberty Moon™ 


Advertising with me is an exceptional chance to connect with a broad global audience in an engaging manner. I have an awesome audience from everywhere. 

My website mostly survives on monthly donations but ads and merchandise sales help too. 

I'll promote and advertise you, your brand, and products for a low and flexible rate. 

You help keep my website running and operating, which in turn helps me keep providing folks with mental health education, news, peer resources, and entertainment. 

Note: Link exchange is a form of adverting partnership where we trade links, free of charge, and connect them to our websites. Sometimes you'll be promoted on our articles and events. You'll also be able to part take in collaboration opportunities. I welcome your ideas and inquiries, too.


Please be advised: my rates are negotiable, flexible, subject to change but renegotiations are fair, and are nonrefundable. Advertisement spots are limited and should try to be mental health and community related. You choose your term from; 1 month, 2 months, 3 months, 4 months, up to 12 months. You can pay a one-time fee, monthly, or annually. Payment is due in full before advertising can begin.

For $100.00/mo USD you receive an ad partnership that includes:


1. You will be featured on my website banner ad slider which is in the middle of my website at approximately 979 X 636 or larger for desktop and display resolutions for mobile and app may vary.

2. You are listed on my website as a community resource, store member, or similar.

3. You'll be included in events, posts, streams and videos, emails, my app, or my website in the form of a mention or commercial.

4. Collaboration opportunities

5. Review or promotional article post: I'm open to post a review or promotional post on my blog. Please let me know what review you are willing to have on my blog. This post won’t be sticky but will remain lifetime on my blog archive.

6. In some situations, I'll create and develop promotional advertising or press kit materials for you to use for these purposes.

7. Do you have something else I haven't listed? Do you think you can advertise in a different way on my website? I welcome your ideas and inquiries.

Please email me at or use the form on this page. But please be mindful - only serious inquiries only.

Collaborate With Us

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