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mer. 12 juil.


Online event, webinar. See details.

Develop Your Own Treatment Plan

Learn how to develop your own treatment plan with Alantis Perkins. RSVP so we can know a guestestimate of attendees, please. We have 3 repeat sessions of the same event July 12 to May 14, choose a day or all 3 days that works for you.

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Develop Your Own Treatment Plan
Develop Your Own Treatment Plan

Heure et lieu

12 juil. 2023, 17:00 – 14 juil. 2023, 20:00

Online event, webinar. See details.


À propos de l'événement


My trauma history especially childhood trauma, symptoms I experience, some mental health terms used, and my feelings towards my abusers may trigger audience members. This event is not for general audience members. 

This event is for those who feel they need to learn how to communicate their needs and wants within the treatment planning phase with their mental health providers. As well as become more actively involved in their own treatment planning experience. 

I'm not a mental health clinician nor am I charging for this event but donations are appreciated. I am a peer like you who blogs about mental health education, news, and resources. I just thought since communicating with my providers on treatment plans is particularly difficult for me, I figured there are some folks out there who might also struggle, too. So, why not help by teaching a coping skill or two of mine to you.

We will use Schizotypal or depression models to work with, since it will be alot to teach treatment planning with each person's diagnosises.

REMEMBER: this event is FREE but donations are appreciated. and I'm not a clinician, I'm a peer like you. Also, please register for the course. We will be going through the course at the time of the event and you will complete the course within 7 days. You will receive a certificate and a community badge. Register for the course here:

If you have any questions please contact me, Alantis, though my website contact page. Otherwise stay tuned as more details become available via this event calendar.


  1. Where to participate: Twitch, Twitter Spaces, YouTube live, and Liberty Moon™ webinar
  2. Hosted by: Alantis Perkins
  3. The event is a 3 day 2 hour but arrive 10mins early.
  4. Sessions will be recorded for video on demand purposes
  5. This is a free but crowdfunding stream event. we are trying to raise at least $554/mo. So we can continue to provide mental health education, news, and resources to you, your friends and family, and your community. You can donate though the website, app, gofundme link, or PayPal donation link.
  7. If we finish ahead of schedule we'll do a crowdfunding video game live session

Here are the links you'll need

Liberty Moon's Twitch

Liberty Moon's Twitter

Liberty Moon's YouTube

Liberty Moon's Website



Host: Alantis Perkins

Lead Blogger @

Co-hosts: Callie Goode

Lifestyle Entrepreneur & Certified Life Coach @ Callie Goode's enterprises


Speakers: Christian Manuel Laura, TBD

Moderators: TBD

Assistant: TBD

Special Guests: Cindy & Bentley


● host Introduction

● Co-hosts introductions

● speakers and special guests introductions 

● Admins and Moderators introductions 

● Special shoutouts and commercials

● remind the audience about the crowdfunding 

● foreword by Callie Goode

● treatment planning with intermissions 

● Special shoutouts and commercials

● Alantis and Dani's art galleries, Dani is open for commissions 

● Host outroduction

● Co-hosts outroductìons 

● speakers and special guests outroductions 

● Admins and Moderators outroductions 

● credits

Il y a un groupe pour cet événement. Vous pourrez le rejoindre dès que vous vous serez inscrit à cet événement.


  • 3 heures

    Develop your own treatment plan - day 1

  • 3 heures

    Develop your own treatment plan - day 2

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