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Trauma Slam™

Slam your trauma in the face™


*Tentative starting: January 4, 2024*

Ever heard of a poetry slam? Well this is a trauma slam, where you take another step in overcoming your trauma, by writing your trauma survivor story to share your truth with our community to encourage others to also overcome their trauma, too. Don't let your trauma hold power over you, instead, hold power over it through creative means. 

Note: you can speak your truth or the truth of another survivor who may not be able to. Please be mindful of other peoples privacy and ask permission to tell the truth of another person, unless they are deceased or are handicapped and in your care.

Sign up for the Trauma Slam™ by first:

1. Make an account on our website to have access.


 2. Note: always keep a backup and copies in case you need to re-upload.


3. Join the group to post your truth.

4. Complete your trauma survivor article with or without audio or video of you reading your article, but articles with either a audio/video will be more likely to win.

*In addition to your trauma survivor article, consider answering one or more of these questions:


1. Are you happy, genuinely?

2. Do you trust yourself?

3. Do you trust others?

4. How have you transformed since your trauma?

5. Who are you now because of your trauma?

6. Do you have hope, if so, what is your hope?

7. Do you feel like you're allowed to be yourself?

8. What is one thing you'd like to do but feel you can't?

9. Do feel you living in someone else's image?

10. What is a big lie you've ever told yourself?

11. Have you used your pain towards your purpose?

12. What is your purpose and why?

13. Have you forgiven your abusers, tormentors, and traumatizers?

14. Have you forgiven yourself?

15. What is one thing you like about yourself?

16. What is one thing you like about the world?

17. Are you able to view and accept your trauma from different perspectives?

18. How do you handle your trauma?

19. How would you like to handle your trauma?


This will enter you in a bi monthly drawing that could win you up to $100USD, invitation to become a blogger with Liberty Moon, and monetization opportunities to simply tell your truth. Runner-ups will receive an invitation to become a blogger with Liberty Moon and possible unique opportunities.


Reach out to me via profile message or email if you have questions and please only resubmit your entry article only if the original was corrupted or lost in some way. Each community member will have one chance to win total to give others a chance to win in following months. So if you won before, let someone else win. Remember to always show support of everyone who participates because it's hard to share such truths with others, especially to the world of strangers.


Winners will be chosen based on clarity of communication, resonating with your reader, and creative presentation eg. poetry, short story, essay, screenplay, etc.. Whatever you can think of. Bonus points if you answer one or more of the questions and or include audio or video of you reading your truth. Feel free to include original art or original creative projects. 


Winners will also be highlighted on our home page.


Thank you all to who participates.

Check Back Daily For More Details As They Come!

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