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트라우마 탈출에 도움이 되는 뉴스.

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We're an online community mental health education center helping folks everywhere cultivate mental health recovery and stability.


Our goal is to help folks escape trauma by raising awareness and knowledge of various mental health topics through mental health peer education. While also offering mental health certifications to help certify more folks in the community that can help address community mental health in their communities that are under supported.

Follow the moonlight to your freedom™

Wolf (Alantis Perkins)

President/CEO & Founder

URGENT: Trauma Slam™ 

Slam your trauma in the face™

*Tentative starting: January 4, 2024*

Something new happening here at Liberty Moon and it could win you up to $100USD. If this Interests you head on over to the menu tab Subsidiaries and click Trauma Slam™. Ever heard of Poetry Slam? Well this is Liberty Moon's Trauma Slam™ where you take another step in overcoming your trauma, by writing your trauma survivor story to share your truth with our community to encourage others to also overcome their trauma, too.


Wolf (Alantis Perkins), President/CEO & Founder

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